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CareIP is the world’s first IP Carephone, which paves the way for new generation of social alarm services where communication takes place digitally. CareIP communicates via a protocol designed for IP communication and Next  Generation Networks.   The device simply connects into a domestic router, like a computer and works using broadband provision offering simple and easy installation. The advantages to both service users and service providers is that communication with the response centre is instant, an alarm call hits the operator’s screen in seconds. One other significant feature is that all calls using a broadband connection are free.

CareIP is always online and is supported by our online web portal called i-care online which provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use overview of your deployed CareIP Mobiles. You can silently reprogram, check status or even program an alarm trigger remotely by using this portal. CareIP Mobile units are constantly monitored via the units ‘heartbeat’ which is set to send every 2 minutes of the day. If the connection is lost a notification will automatically be sent. This helps ensure the service user is always able to raise an alarm call.
A wide choice of telecare accessories, including radio triggers, fall sensor, bed sensor, door alarm etc… can be connected to the CareIP® Carephone to create a tailored solution to meet individual needs.
The CareIP Carephone comes supplied with a Elliot radio trigger which has  a two-way transceiver for situations where the user needs to have confirmation that the alarm has been acknowledged. When an alarm is activated the LED on the radio trigger lights up when the signal has been received. The radio trigger comes as standard with all accessories: neck cord with attachment, wrist strap, belt clip and the unique EPC (Easy Press Concept) for people with tactile disabilities as a result of medical conditions such as arthritis. The alarm trigger automatically sends information to the CareIP relating to the battery life and range to ensure that the user is always able to make a call. The trigger is totally waterproof (IP67) and the battery can easily be changed to minimise lifetime cost and maximise efficiency.
In addition to emergency calls, CareIP also is a platform for transfer of detailed alarm information, voice-over IP communications, medical information and online status.
CareIP can also be adapted to receive power from Power Over Ethernet (PoE) (Ordered separately as an accessory)

• Suitable for Next Generation Networks
• Easy to install
• Remote upgrade and service
• Wide selection of Telecare Accessories
• i-care online, a web based service to monitor the status of the alarm units 24/7
• Several input/output options
• Communications security built into the protocol
• Two-way radio with high security
• Contemporary design

Batteri til CareIP

1 stk NiMH pack,4,8V/1800 mAH

CareIP Mobile

NB: Dersom avtalen inkluderer SIM-kort, husk å bestille dette!


NB: Dersom avtalen inkluderer SIM-kort, husk å bestille dette!